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    The Rule Book


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    The Rule Book

    Post by Bstill on Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:09 pm

    1. LOYALTY - No leaving the clan without approval. Visiting friends is usually allowed during the first and last week of the season. Ask for approval from co leader.
    2. DONATIONS - 1000 by the 18th of each month (TH5-7 are not required to meet this number)
    3. ACTIVITY - Talk daily in clan chat
    4. TROOP REQUESTS - Give the specific troop that member requests. Everything else please ask if it's ok to donate.
    5. NO FIGHTING - No fighting amongst clan members. Respect comes first!
    6. NO KICKING - No kicking unless approved by the leadership. Exception: rude or disrespectful behavior towards clan members.
    7. RANKING UP - Don't ask for elder/co. All promotions are brought up to a vote and are voted for by the Co leaders.
    8. NO DRAMA - Any drama will result in an instant kick. Keep bad moods off the clan chat
    9. WAR - War participation and following the rules from the "War Rules" section is mandatory.

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