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    War Rules


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    War Rules

    Post by Bstill on Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:11 pm

    War Rules
    1. PARTICIPATION - Leadership will select Clan War participants
    2. MANDATORY ATTACKING - Both attacks are mandatory and must be used regardless
    3. COORDINATION - All attacks must be coordinated with the leadership
    4. 12-HOUR RULE - All attacks must be used within the first 12 hours of war, unless otherwise is decided/approved by the leadership (clean ups, time zone difference)
    5. GET GREEN LIGHT from a Co Leader before you attack. No attacking without approval
    6. WAR CASTLES DONATIONS - Only maxed troops are allowed in war castles. War cc must be poison proof
    7. WAR STRATEGY - Strictly stick to war strategy and instructions. Inbox will b sent during preparation day with all detailed information. We mainly use for wars
    8. NO NONSENSE ATTACKING - Barching, looting, attacking without approval is not allowed
    9. OPTING OUT - Please opt out if you are upgrading heroes, spell factory or if you will be absent. HOWEVER: opting out for more than a week without a good reason will result in a ban/kick
    10. NEW MEMBERS - Might be asked to sit out first war
    11. WAR BANS - War ban will occur for 1 or more wars for failure to follow Clan War Rules. 3 or more bans will result in a kick
    12. NO OFFENSIVE BASES - If you are in war. This implies to war and active base
    13. WAR BASE LAYOUT - Must use one of the layouts from our "War Bases" album if asked by the leadership. All bases must be up 6 hours before war starts so we can check them out and make sure there are no doubles
    14. SUPPORT your clan mates. But do not give war/attacking advice if a person didn't ask for it. Also no negative criticism of attacks.

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